Turn Down the Volume for A Healthier Life
Stress and Headaches due to work and long travel time are common problems for most commuters. Not surprisingly, the bad news doesn’t stop there. Research done by a scientist in New York City indicates that being exposed to noise can activate our natural stress hormones which affects our happiness and health.
Melbourne’s Citiclub Building is Going Green with Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing
Magnetite’s Melbourne franchise recently completed an installation at the iconic Citiclub building, the former headquarters of the RACV Club in Melbourne CBD. The installation was partly funded through a new scheme set up for commercial buildings called the Australian environmental upgrade fund. Double glazing was chosen to help improve the insulation of the building’s facade. Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing was applied to the hotel section of the building.
Selling Houses Australia - Series 5 - Railway Cottage
In November we helped Shaynna and the crew from Selling Houses Australia reduce the noise in this heritage cottage on the outskirts of Sydney. Last week the show went to air and the results exceeded all of our expectations.
Employees at large companies work at different levels of efficiency; some employees are perfectionists, while others do the bare minimum to earn a paycheck. Homes are a lot like employees - some are more efficient than others. Some homes are hard workers; they protect their inhabitants from cold winters, harsh summers, and brutal storms. Other homes are slackers, offering little protection against the elements of nature.
10 November 2010
Given the huge demand for fuel and power, energy rates are expected to surge in the near future. To save on energy expenses, there is a significant push towards deploying green methods in building construction. Fitting a secondary glazing panel to an existing window (retrofit double glazing) is one of the easiest methods for curbing energy consumption.
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