Magnetite Windows

Retrofit double glazing windows

Double glaze existing windows to reduce noise and improve thermal comfort

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Double glazing can dramatically improve the comfort of a room, home or building by reducing the noise and creating a comfortable, stable indoor temperature. Magnetite’s retrofit system allows existing windows to be converted to a double glazed system providing the benefits of double glazing without the need to replace the existing windows. The Magnetite retrofit double glazing system has been designed and tested to work with your existing windows, doors, skylights and glass areas.

Why Double Glazing Windows?

Our retrofit solution provides proven, tested results and many other benefits:

  • Noise Reduction
If noise is affecting your quality of sleep or ability to concentrate, Magnetite can help reduce the noise through your window delivering the peace and quiet you deserve. Our double glaze windows can reduce window noise by up to 70%.

  • Thermal Comfort
Don’t shiver in your own home. Magnetite can reduce the heat loss through your windows allowing you to be comfortable through cold winter days and nights. Likewise, in summer Magnetite in combination with Solartite can help you regain and use rooms that are too hot to use comfortably

  • Energy Efficient
Whether we are helping you reduce noise or improve your thermal comfort levels, Magnetite windows will reduce the need to crank-up the air conditioner or heater. The ultimate result of our energy efficient windows is reduced energy use and more money in your pocket from savings on energy bills.

  • Custom Installation
Magnetite is custom fit on each job to tailor the installation to the shape and style of the existing window. This ensures optimal performance and aesthetics delivering you the solution you are after. Our slim line frame and ability to cut out of square means Magnetite is ideal for heritage and period windows.

  • Service & Value
Our goal is to “exceed our client’s expectation of comfort”. This helps us stay focused on ensuring you are comfortable with the entire experience from first contact through to job completion. In addition to our competitive pricing we believe comfort knowing you are dealing with a stable and reliable organisation adds value to the process.

How Magnetite window system is retrofitted

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Installation of a discreet subframe allows a clear optical grade acrylic panel to attach inside the existing window frame. Using continuous magnetic channels ensures a secure and airtight seal around the window.

The continuous magnetic seal ensures that when the Magnetite panels are in place the double glaze window insulation system has the lowest air infiltration rate of any operational window. This seal creates an air cavity between the existing window and your Magnetite panels.

As with traditional double glazing the air cavity acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature. Depending on the configuration of the existing window, we can adjust the size of the air cavity to maximise thermal insulation, acoustic insulation or both.

The Magnetite subframe is foam PVC and acts as a thermal break between the existing window and the Magnetite secondary system. This sub-frame also allows Magnetite to attach to any existing window frame - timber, aluminium or steel.

The acrylic glazing panels used by Magnetite are up to six times more thermally efficient than glass. Solar control films may also be applied to windows requiring reduction in radiant heat. We apply a film to the inside layer of the existing glass. By having the film on the inside of the existing window we are able to reflect the heat before it enters the air cavity for maximum performance.

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