Magnetite is now available at Auckland Home Ideas Centre
Magnetite is now available at Auckland Home Ideas Centre. Listen and feel the benefits of Magnetite retrofit solutions through our Magnetite sensor display. For more details visit
We know what cold and hot temperature feels like, but have you ever wonder what they look like?
Equipped with a new Flir thermal imaging camera, we flew down to New Zealand for the opening of our Hamilton showroom in the beginning of September. Known as the foggiest city in New Zealand, Hamilton was a perfect place to put our thermal imaging camera to the test.
Hamilton Showroom Opening Day
Magnetite is pleased to announce the opening of Hamilton showroom in New Zealand. Mulford Plastics, the sole distributor of Magnetite® will deliver the solution to homes and businesses in New Zealand through a network of trained local estimators and installers.
A recent study of national sleep habits found 1 in 3 Australian adults struggle with their sleep. Moreover, this study also suggested one third of Australians wake up feeling unrefreshed at least several mornings a week.
Magnetite & MEP Film partnership delivers glazing retrofit solution at ESD event “Reach for the Stars”
To improve energy efficiency, the building façade was upgraded at the iconic Citiclub Building (aka CQ Building), in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s been two years since Magnetite retrofitted the existing windows as part of a wider upgrade which saved energy use by up to 27%. This increased the NABERS ratings from 2 ½ stars up to 4 ½ stars. The project was a pilot study in the city of Melbourne’s 1200 Buildings Programme which won an award for “Best Specific Environmental Initiative” at the World Environmental Day Awards.
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