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Windows create harmony between inside and outside spaces; from the beauty they add to a building facade, the natural light they bring in, to the view they reveal. They are also the weakest part of a building envelope which can account for up to 49% of heat loss and 87% of heat gain. Inefficient glazing can cause discomfort & higher power usage.
Windows for Better Home and Living

In new homes, various window technologies are now available that can be incorporated into the initial design to create energy efficiency. Ichijo, a Japanese builder, is a newcomer to the Australian market. Their homes create harmony and comfort through good window design. By combining a range of technologies, their homes achieve Nathers ratings of either 7 or 8 stars. Double-glazed windows are a key component in their success.

Argon gas-filled double glazed uPVC windows are integrated with the wall to provide three times the insulation of a single glazed window. This smart design, with a perfect seal, can reduce heat loss in the winter by up to 70%. This also reduces condensation on windows and furnishings. Less condensation reduces potential health hazards like mould and mildew, so it’s an energy efficient window that also provides a healthy environment. Sounds great, right? But what about the windows in your existing home?

Improving windows in existing homes can a challenge. A common approach is to completely replace windows with high performance glazing - in most cases this can cost a small fortune and in heritage homes you might want to keep the older style that adds beauty and value to your home. Alternatively, you could install a secondary window system. Secondary glazing allows you to enjoy the benefits of double glazing without the hassle, cost and mess of completely replacing your existing windows. You can also add optional enhancements like draught proofing seals and solar control or low-e films to achieve similar or even better results than many complete replacement window systems.

Magnetite creates cost-effective, customised, easy to use solutions that enhance the performance of your existing windows. By minimising air infiltration and heat loss (or gain) provides for a low U-value, creating comfort and energy efficiency. WERS test results show that adding Magnetite will bring U-value down to an average of 2.5 and air infiltration to 0.5L/m2, so your windows are well insulated against heat loss or heat gain.

In new or existing homes, windows impact your comfort level. Optimising window performance can provide a comfortable living environment as well as creating building efficiency to reduce your reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

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windows for better home
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