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Have you considered the impact our comfortable lives have on the planet – our Home? How much are we costing the Earth?

To get an idea, in just one year, each Australian, on average, releases enough greenhouse gas into the atmosphere to fill more than 700 balloons! To help maintain our collective home - Earth - The Australian Solar Energy Society has created Sustainable House Day. The initiative is to help Australians live sustainably in a modern world.
Comfortable Living Should Not Cost The Earth!

The aim of sustainable living is to reduce the ecological footprint left behind by our living in a modern home. Sustainable House Day is designed to allow people to exchange ideas and to understand renewable energy practices that minimise the impact on our environment, starting with our own households.

But what if we want to maintain comfort AND use less power? Windows are a good place to start. Whether it’s the summer heat or the winter cold, single glazed windows are the weakest part of a building envelope, as they account for up to 40% of heat loss or gain in a building. By installing Magnetite, you will make your home more comfortable, by creating a thermal break for the windows with retrofit double glazing. The magnetically sealed windows help maintain a comfortable temperature, with less heating or cooling power. This allows you to conserve energy, cut power costs and reduce your home’s ecological footprint. The magnets allow you to remove the windows easily, for cleaning or ventilation. When noise from traffic or neighbours is an issue, Magnetite will also make your home more peaceful, as it has with Barrett House. Independent tests prove Magnetite can reduce noise through windows by up to 70%.

Magnetite was installed in Barrett House as a sustainable living solution for windows. Located in Randwick, Sydney, Barrett House is one of the 200 sustainable homes that open their doors for Sustainable House Day across Australia. This cottage style home is also part of the Reduce Your Footprint project, which sees collaboration between Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra councils and their communities, to help reduce the ecological footprint of local residents. The partnership is supported by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

So, if you want to keep your views, and improve the performance of your existing windows, you can conserve energy consumption while improving comfort. You’ll be maintaining your own home and our collective home – Earth. It doesn’t cost the Earth to live sustainably and comfortably!

Take a peek at the inside of Barrett House on this video or read more about the project at Reduce your footprint

Visit Barrett House in Randwick, to see Magnetite in action this summer!

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