Get inspired: See what Magnetite double glazing can do for your home
Publication: Newcastle Post
Date: 22 May 2013

It’s now easier than ever for Hunter residents to access superior and more affordable double glazing for their windows, with Magnetite launching a permanent presence in Newcastle.

After 15 years of servicing the Newcastle area from the Central Coast – and in response to increasing demand – Magnetite Franchisee, Barry Clendenning, has decided to open a display at the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) Home Inspirations Centre in Mayfield West.
Windows for Better Home and Living
Windows create harmony between inside and outside spaces; from the beauty they add to a building facade, the natural light they bring in, to the view they reveal. They are also the weakest part of a building envelope which can account for up to 49% of heat loss and 87% of heat gain. Inefficient glazing can cause discomfort & higher power usage.
Excessive workloads have long caused tension in the workplace. Ironically, modern office designs often compound this tension. One reason is the prevalence of open plan layouts. They increase ambient noise, a major distraction and frustration for staff, which can also affect their health, leading to sickness and lower productivity.
Building Retrofits - The New Energy Saving Trend
Did you know buildings currently contribute approximately 40% of the world’s energy consumption?

Most buildings standing today will still be in use for decades. Planning a green future for new construction has become an expectation for architects and builders. Now, the challenge is to modify existing buildings to be more energy efficient – remember that existing buildings, or the “built environment” is massive compared to new construction. Bringing the built environment into a green future while managing costs will be the biggest hurdle. There is no more cost-effective solution to this than “green retrofitting” older buildings.
Comfortable Living Should Not Cost The Earth!
Have you considered the impact our comfortable lives have on the planet – our Home? How much are we costing the Earth?

To get an idea, in just one year, each Australian, on average, releases enough greenhouse gas into the atmosphere to fill more than 700 balloons! To help maintain our collective home - Earth - The Australian Solar Energy Society has created Sustainable House Day. The initiative is to help Australians live sustainably in a modern world.
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