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In November we helped Shaynna and the crew from Selling Houses Australia reduce the noise in this heritage cottage on the outskirts of Sydney. Last week the show went to air and the results exceeded all of our expectations.
Selling Houses Australia - Series 5 - Railway Cottage

This was amazing. In the 14 years that I have been working at Magnetite I have never seen a house in such an awkward situation. Isolated on a grassy area it looked so serene even with train tracks next to the house. When the train came it was a different story. It truly felt like the train might come through the lounge front door before curving at the last moment and passing by the side of the house. If I put my hand out the side lounge room window it felt like I could have given the conductor a high five as he passed by.

The Selling Houses Australia team takes on some of the hardest to sell houses in Australia. They address the real issues facing the property owners and provide current and practical advice on how to sell the impossible.

The cast and owner on this project were fantastic. Shaynna, the designer, was lovely to work with, as were her support team. They all got their hands stuck in and it was amazing to see how the home transformed in such a short time.

The great news was the house sold!

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