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10 November 2010
Anyone who owns a home or rents an apartment comes to the realization that no matter how good the windows are the U-value is not enough to prevent energy loss.

Glass is just not a good insulator, which is why they invented double pane windows. They operate on the theory that a trapped air cavity acts as a great insulator. if you can't keep the heat or cold out, maybe it can be trapped!

But the truth is you can significantly improve the U-value of your windows by installing retrofit window panels.
Retrofit window insulation serve several purposes:
  • Decrease the U-value of the window
  • Enables control of sunlight
  • Enhances room décor
  • Adds sound proofing

Retrofit window insulation keeps outdoor cold or hot air out of the house and your heating or air conditioning inside. The result is a house that's not only more comfortable, but more energy efficient. Higher energy efficiency equates to lower energy bills.

Windows are one of the largest sources of heat and cold loss which forces your air conditioning/heating unit to work harder. Energy consumption can be greatly impacted as a result, causing your utility bill to rise higher and higher. In climates with temperature extremes this can run into thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

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