Soundproofing Arch Window, Mawson Lakes, SA

The challenge
Situated just a short stroll from Greenfields Railway Station, train noise was inescapable for our customer. This railway noise, on top of noise from neighbours, was making a peaceful night’s sleep almost impossible.  Magnetite Adelaide was called to insulate a very large bedroom window.
noise reductionNoise Reduction
custom installationCustom Installation
fits existing windowsFits Existing Windows
Due to the complexity of the windows with an arch at the top as well as being quite large in size, Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing was found to be the most effective way to achieve the desired result. Magnetite panels are custom made to suit a variety of shapes, retaining the aesthetic of existing windows which are often critical to the character of a house.

The works
Magnetite’s EasyGlide system was retrofitted into one large aluminium sliding window with an arch at the top. This model allows for a convenient, easy way to open and close windows. Magnetite’s 10mm thick acoustic panel was used to provide maximal noise reduction particularly given the low frequency noise from the railway. The air gap between the primary and secondary window panes was maximised for the best possible noise reduction while still set flush with the surrounding wall for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

In order to make the bedroom more sound proof, seals were installed on the front and garage doors right next to the bedroom, which further improved the outcome.

Dollars and Sense
Following the installation, the customer confirmed their satisfaction and was very impressed with the noise reduction. The addition of Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing has made a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep possible regardless of being just metres away from railway.

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