Commercial Testimonials - RTCA Hunter Valley Project Group

"Dear Barry

Further to our discussion and your request for feedback regarding the product and services your company provided via our head contractor Buildcorp for the recent dust and noise mitigation project in Maison Dieu.  The Magnetite window panels supplied and installed as part of this project has achieved the expected results in minimizing the noise impact of our mine operations.  The window paneling system can be retrofitted, without having to carry out major structural works which can be the case when having to replace windows and this helped to minimise the impacts to the building occupants.  This also meant a lot less was needed to install, as work could be carried out in all weather situations.

Not only have we been able to address residents’ noise and dust concerns, I am extremely pleased with the cost benefit of using a retrofit system, compared to traditional double glazing.  The thermal insulation benefits also have an impact which should result in less running costs for the air conditioning units we installed.  We welcome the opportunity of working with you again on future projects.  Thank you!"

Yours sincerely

Greg Nalbantof

RTCA Hunter Valley Project Group

Project Coordinator

February 2011