Residential Testimonial - Cooma ACT


1. Acting on the initial enquiry Salesman Craig arrived the afternoon of the advised date. He explained the Magnetite system, answered our questions, measured the windows and gave a written quotation.

2. The quotation was later discussed by us (it was decided only to install on the 'windy' side of the house). A telephone call to Canberra advised this and a date and time for the installation was stablished.

3. On the nominated installation date, installer Josh and an off-sider arrived on time (9.15 in a 9.00-9.30am timeslot) and carried out the installation on the selected windows. It was noted that their vehicle was neat, their work was carried out in a tradesman-like manner and, as a nice addition, they put the curtains back at the completion of the job.

The  installation  of the  Magnetite  Double Glazing system  was  decided  upon to try  to overcome three problems. (Noise was not a problem):

        • Condensation forming on the glass during winter months
        • Draught coming through the sash type windows in windy conditions
        • Save heat losses in winter through the glass areas.

Condensation forming on the windows  where  the  Magnetite is installed has been virtually eliminated while draught coming through the sash windows  has been totally eliminated.

Heat loss through the glass is hard to measure however it appears that the Magnetite system does make a difference.

The Magnetite panels make no optical difference to the windows. They are almost un­noticed unless pointed out.

Note: The Magnetite panels had to be removed to allow a painter to work on the windows. Both the removal and reinstallation of the panels was an easy job.

Summary:  The Magnetite Double Glazing system as installed at our residence is worth the money spent."

Rob, Cooma ACT
May 2014