Art Deco Apartment on Sydney’s Parramatta Road

Art Deco Apartment
Why wouldn’t you want to live close to the city? There is no doubt that Sydney’s inner city living has its advantages. There are plenty of amenities within close proximity and a shorter commute for those who work in the CBD. Unfortunately, for all the convenience of inner city living, high density housing can sacrifice comfort due to excessive noise from neighbours, traffic, or in Sydney’s case, aircraft noise.
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The Challenge
Situated on busy Parramatta Rd, this recently purchased art deco unit was plagued by constant heavy traffic noise. Parramatta Rd is one of Sydney’s most congested roads with noise from cars, buses and trucks, seven days a week. On a friend’s recommendation, the client called Magnetite Sydney prior to purchasing the unit. Magnetite Sydney was tasked with turning this noisy inner west apartment into a comfortable home.

The Works
Magnetite retrofitted seven existing double hung windows with our secondary window system using 10mm acoustic glazing. An air cavity of close to 100mm was created to achieve the best noise reduction. While air vents in double brick buildings can allow ventilation, they also let in lots of noise and pollution. So, for a complete sound solution, removable vent covers were also retrofitted to ensure maximum noise reduction.

Dollars and Sense
Our savvy client was very pleased with the noise reduction. He also complimented the clean, organised and professional installation. Despite having the property situated on one of the busiest highways in Sydney, he was confident Magnetite would resolve the noise concern. This allowed him to snatch a bargain and save himself a small fortune.

“I saved over $100,000 by living here compared to a similar unit only 2 blocks away!”

Magnetite double glazing system successfully reduced the road noise and transformed this Sydney inner west art deco apartment into a quiet and comfortable home.

Don’t let noise affect where you want to live, call Magnetite now for your free window assessment.