The Benefits Of Double Glazing Windows

Magnetite’s solutions allow you to enjoy all benefits of double glazing without the hassle of window replacement. Our retrofit double glazing window systems can improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home or office through soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Thermal comfortthermal comfort

Thermal Comfort

Keeping your home cosy in winter and cool in summer is another great benefit of double glazed windows. A house that is too hot or too cold can be unbearable. Magnetite provides solutions to insulate your existing windows and doors against heat or cold.
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Energy efficiencyenergy efficiencyEnergy Efficiency

The benefits of double glazing include improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. Magnetite’s optical grade acrylic glazing is 6 times better than glass at insulating which can improve summer glazing performance by up to 76% and winter glazing performance by up to 62%. 
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Noise reduction

noise reductionNoise Reduction

A key benefit of double glazing is noise reduction. Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing and secondary glazing solutions reduce noise by up to 70% through an existing window. Don’t let noise affect your comfort.

Fits existing windowsfits existing windowsFits Existing Window

Do you want the benefit of double glazed windows but don’t want the mess and hassle of window replacement? Magnetite’s secondary glazing solutions are designed to fit existing windows and doors. No structural changes required.
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Custom installationCustoms Install NewCustom Installation

Magnetite solutions are custom fit to each window, ensuring all the benefits of double glazing. We assess your existing windows and doors and design the best retrofit solutions for your needs.
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Experience Testimonial WebCopy of service and valueService & Value

We believe that outstanding product performance along with exceptional customer service is integral to our business. During a free, no obligations window assessment, our estimator will help you discover the benefits of double glazing you can enjoy with Magnetite’s solutions.
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