Residential Testimonial - Erskineville NSW

"I recently moved to a new unit that overlooks the local bowling club, which has loud music on weekends and a constant stream of social bowlers so the noise can be such that I cant at certain times, hear my tv or my music and as the noise bounces off the next building I feel surrounded I needed ear muffs to peacefully exist. I knew this when I moved in but my unit ,apart from noise was too good to pass up. All this has now changed.

After some research on soundproofing etc, and contacting many companies, Magnetite was the only one willing to come to my place to measure an obligation free quote. So I decided to give them my business. I had my lounge room & bedroom fitted with Magnetite windows. The difference in sound is immediate, but I had to wait  for the weekend for the real test. I can happily report, the windows passed with flying colours. The difference is amazing. I now have a sanctuary to escape the overpowering music and this will make a huge difference to my quality of living here. I will be in this unit for many years to come and now the Magnetite windows have made it perfect. So as a long term investment it is money well spent. The installation went seamless with very professional workers. In addition the windows will assist with cooling in summer and keeping warmth within in winter. I am a satisfied customer."

Jeff, Erskineville NSW

January 2015