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Magnetite is ideal for residential properties with noise concerns
Many homeowners don't consider outside noise pollution when purchasing a home, or find that after 15 years their once quiet street has now become a main passageway for vehicles. For residents, nearby train tracks and pubs, as well as airplanes and people are often the source of unwanted noise. Thankfully Magnetite can offer a solution for all these problems in the home.
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The new owners of this Victorian terrace had just moved into their dream home. What they didn't realize was that during rush hour the outside street became a main arterial road for traffic. Noise was infiltrating the house through the timber double hung windows and the French doors. We were able to address both these weak points by installing Magnetite acoustic panels on the windows and treating the French doors with Acoustiflex panels over the timber, Magnetite panels over the glass and perimeter acoustic seals to ensure excellent results.

The once noisy room became a peaceful safe haven.