Cosy winter in North Adelaide

Thermal comfort
The Challenge
The McNair family’s aim was to make their home more thermally comfortable. Also due to the size of windows, it was difficult to retain heat in winter and the customer spent large sums on keeping warm. Being in a high density area, noise was also an issue as a secondary concern.
thermal comfortThermal Comfort
custom installationCustom Installation
fits existin -windowsFits Existing Windows
The Magnetite Adelaide solution was a perfect fit for the type of windows in this customer's home. To the client, while improving thermal performance was a primary concern, retaining the functionality and views through these glass areas were necessary.

The works
The apartment had fixed and sash timber-framed windows as well as French doors. A combination of Magnetite’s secondary double glazing system with high performance solar film were used to deliver the maximum possible thermal benefits.

Dollars and sense
Following the installation of Magnetite, the client found that the apartment maintains a fairly constant temperature. They noticed a significant boost in the level of comfort with much less use of air conditioning.  They also commented “the Magnetite secondary glazing has given a facelift to the wooden windows”. The client’s referral to other family members says much about their satisfaction with Magnetite and their daughter later had Magnetite installed to minimise road noise.

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