Noise Reduction

Our retrofit double glazing can reduce noise by up to 70% through your existing window

Noise reductionWindows are the greatest conductors of noise in a building. As high density living continues to increase, the noise from roads, neighbours, hotels and aircraft impact our quality of life. In residential areas, noise pollution can affect your comfort, property value and health.

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Buildings require acoustic insulation to maintain consistent internal environments, or prevent loud inside noise traveling outside. Retrofit double glazing is a simple and affordable way to solve combat noise problems.

There are several ways that noise travels through windows, including:
  • Vibrations conducts noise through closed windows leading to increased internal noise.
  • Air infiltration between window join and poor seals contribute to noise seeping into your home or building.
To achieve effective noise reduction a window system should have minimal air infiltration, possess large insulating air cavity and enough weight to limit acoustic vibration. Magnetite retrofit double glazing and Soundtite secondary glazing windows meet all these criteria.

Our Magnetite Solution

Our retrofit system is unique and designed specifically as an interior, secondary system. We attach a clear, optical grade, acrylic glazing panel to the interior of your existing window, using magnetic seals. This creates an airtight cavity between the window and your Magnetite system.

The air cavity acts as an insulation buffer against noise transference and the seals reduce air infiltration and drafts, which conduct noise. This reduces outside distractions and disturbance, creating a comfortable indoor environment.  More Info on How Magnetite Works.

Other Considerations

While windows are typically the greatest source of noise entering a room, it is important to understand that a room has other building elements that can allow unwanted noise inside. For example, wall vents and leaky doors are two other sources of noise penetration. We can easily address these two areas for you as part of our noise reduction solution. In addition you may need to consider the construction of the walls, ceilings and floors and the level of acoustic insulation in these elements. For the best soundproofing results a holistic approach is recommended.

Our Experience

Since 1998, we have developed a leading reputation in the noise abatement sector, including acting as a major subcontractor for residential noise projects such as the Lane Cove Tunnel, M7 and North West Connect projects in Sydney. We are also an approved product for the Sydney Airport Noise Insulation Project (SANIP) as well as Roads and Maritime Services noise abatement works. Our franchises around Australia have worked on many noise reduction projects as well as providing acoustic insulation for thousands of homes along busy roads, next to railways or noisy neighbours.

Proven Results

Tests by the National Acoustic Laboratory have proven that installing the Magnetite double glazing system can reduce noise through an existing window by up to 70%. Technical Data and Results.