The Baker's Solution

Magnetite the right choice for Sun Greenway Builders.

Magnetite is a secondary window glazing system that provides thermal and acoustic benefits for household and commercial applications. Sun Greenway's client was a large 24 hour bakery in a residential area that needed to reduce noise, stop condensation and increase privacy through their windows.
noise reductionNoise Reduction
dollar valueDollar Value
custom installationCustom Installation
James Alison of Sun Greenway said that the main reason they chose to use Magnetite’s double glazing system was because of the high standard of the window system.

We chose this system because we have worked with Magnetite before and we were pleased with the quality of the product and service
Mr. Alison says.

Mr. Alison added that they were more than happy with Magnetite's turnaround time and flexibility to work around the bakery's busy schedule.

Magnetite normally uses clear acrylic panels that attach on the inside of an existing window using magnets. The panels can be easily removed to allow full access to the window. In this case the client wanted to cover up the windows while maintaining functionality. Magnetite's solution was to use our removable panels in an opal colour that hid the look of the existing window but still allowed the natural light in.

Everyone was impressed with the result.

The bakery had investigated various options to get an idea of what was available. They discovered that Magnetite's window system was the most cost effective and provided a solution to all their concerns including noise reduction, reduced condensation and improving aesthetics.