One40William, Perth CBD, WA


Jones Lang LaSalle Perth (JLL)

No. of Windows:

Perth CBD

Despite being carefully orientated, the Gordon Stephenson office tower in One40William Perth was still heating up with Perth's harsh summer sun. The shading designed for this single glazed facade was not enough to provide the level of comfort demanded by tenants. This meant the chiller systems had to run at higher levels than budgeted and start from as early as 5am, to meet the agreed temperature levels for optimal staff productivity. This added cooling load also challenged the mandated 4.5 NABERS star rating for the building.

Magnetite Perth was commissioned by property manager, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) to improve existing glazing performance in order to reduce heat gain and improve indoor comfort.

Temperature data was logged over 2 weeks, showing a significant differential at both the top and bottom of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Magnetite® reduced the surface temperature of the internal glazing by 4.5°C at the top of the windows, which were partly shaded and also cooled by ceiling air vents.

An impressive 10°C differential was recorded at the base when Magnetite® was in place, where there was direct sunlight. Following this significant improvement, Magnetite 4.5mm panels were retrofitted to 64 existing aluminium windows, creating a 60mm air cavity on levels 17 to 19. Six months later, Magnetite® has been scheduled to be installed on level 14 to 16, with the aim of significantly cooling the indoor environment and reducing the cooling load for the building's chiller systems.