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Equipped with a new Flir thermal imaging camera, we flew down to New Zealand for the opening of our Hamilton showroom in the beginning of September. Known as the foggiest city in New Zealand, Hamilton was a perfect place to put our thermal imaging camera to the test.
We know what cold and hot temperature feels like, but have you ever wonder what they look like?

Located at Mulford Plastics’ distribution centre, in Sunshine Ave Te Rapa, the showroom has all three Magnetite® models, the Classic, Easyglide and Slider on display, as well as the Sensor Unit for clients to see, hear and feel the benefits of Magnetite.

Magnetite Hamilton Showroom

In the morning, we took thermal images of the windows on the front side of the showroom. These windows were letting in too much cold, making the room uncomfortable for staff and visitors. The camera takes a measurement of the surface temperature with every picture. The result was incredible! The addition of Magnetite® acrylic glazing brought the temperature of the window up by 5 degrees, making the room warmer and more comfortable.
In Hamilton’s cold climate, adequate thermal insulation is a necessity for homeowners. A double glazed window is a great way to improve the level of comfort in a home or office. Magnetite® converts your existing single glazed windows into double glazing. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of traditional double glazing without the hassle of replacing your existing window.

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